Payment plans

Payment plans:

Full payment:

If you want to pay it all, please choose the full payment for the product.


It is acceptable to pay a deposit and the pay the balance of the product.

How and when should the balance be paid?

When should the balance be paid?

We kindly request that you settle the balance payment once we notify you of the product's imminent release. This will help us understand your purchase intention and provide you with better service.

We will commence collecting the balance payment once we receive information about the product's release. Please note that your reservation has been confirmed, and there is no need to pay the remaining balance beforehand to further secure your order. However, in the event that the product price or quantity is higher than usual, we may request an earlier payment of the balance.


How should the balance be paid?

We will notify you via email when it is time to pay the balance and also to inform you about the product's release. Upon receiving the email, please click on the provided link to proceed with the payment. We kindly request that you use an email account that is easily accessible and frequently checked. 

Amount: Full payment-deposit

The most crucial aspect of the balance payment is ensuring that you can receive our emails. To avoid missing any important information from us, we highly recommend adding our domain to your email agent's safe sender list. Thank you for your cooperation.