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1/6 Scale Action Figure Longshanzhonggong SL2021-02 Joan of Arc Female Figure Custom Kit

1/6 Scale Action Figure Longshanzhonggong SL2021-02 Joan of Arc Female Figure Custom Kit

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About Custom Kit:

1. This product is an accessory pack for 1/6 scale action figure customizing.
2. This product (or some of its variants) might not contain the body or head sculpt, please make sure you read the product description before you order. The accessories contained please refer to the packing list in the product description.

Packing List:

Packing Details:
Head sculpt x 1
Replace face x 2
Tbls36 encapsulated plastid body x 1
Alloy helmet x 1
Die cast alloy badge x 2
Die cast alloy waist protection x 1
Die cast alloy skirt x 1
Die cast alloy elbow guard x 2
Die cast alloy hand guard x 2
Glove x 4
Leg ring x 2
Die cast alloy leg armor x 2
Die cast alloy boots x 2
Top x 1
Jumpsuit x 1
Pleated skirt x 1
Leggings x 2
Skirt x 1
Belt x 1
Die casting alloy long sword x 1
Die casting alloy lance x 1
Battle Flag x 1
Support platform x 1
Cloak x 1

Shipping & Returns

  • Pre-order shipping time: Need to be shipped after the official release from the supplier. The actual shipping time is only subject to the notice from the supplier. Due to the complexity of the production of art collectibles, which involves a great deal of purely manual work, the actual release time is usually later than the estimated release time at the time of the pre-order opening. We are not responsible for any production delays at the end of our suppliers.
  • Order cancellation: An order can be requested to be canceled before the shipment. A cancellation fee will occur according to whether or not this is a deposit-refundable product, the length of time between the date of the cancellation request and the date of order, and whether or not this product has been announced as getting released soon.
  • Return: As the value of the collectible products is highly affected by the packaging condition which will be compromised by being opened and shipped multiple times, we do not accept return requests outside the supported range of after-sales.
  • After-sales coverage and solutions: We provide after-sales service for the following conditions if the problem is not listed in the after-sales exemptions (Actual effects might slightly differ from the advertised effects. "Don't like it", "product is not exactly as advertised" are not covered in the after-sales guarantee.
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